Kaitlin’s Fantastic Chevron Quilt

After a VERY long hiatus I am back, AND with some assistance!

My friend Kaitlin is planning on making a Chevron Quilt for a Christmas gift. She is going to be making guest appearances  sharing her quilting highs and lows.

Now for some dirt, Kaitlin has been my friend for almost as long as I can remember. She is currently an Intern with an Interior Design firm. She obviously has a love for designing, arts, crafts and Netflix. Yes, guys, she is taken!

There are some amazing perks to being such a great Intern….FREE DISCONTINUED DESIGNER FABRIC!! Discontinued fabrics are usually thrown away BUT Kaitlin was given the very gracious opportunity to save the samples from the horrible death of the dump and use them for the greater good of humanity.

After rescuing a giant pile of the poor scared samples and returning to her lair she decided to turn those babies into a quilt!

Giant Pile of FabricsSoon after returning to her lair the giant pile of fabric started to dwindle into smaller more color coordinated piles; The Chosen Ones.

Zigzag OrganizationThe Chosen Ones will be washed, ironed, cut, and sewed together in the next coming weeks. Please stay tuned and join us for this exciting adventure.

Now for a few PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS: I have been gone for quite some time but some exciting things have happened in those 6ish months. The first exciting thing is… I GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE! Yes, I finally have an engineering degree  WOOOO! Secondly; I returned to my internship for 5 months while I searched for an engineering position. I have moved on from my internship and have taken a temporary Design Engineer position about 30 minutes from my hometown. I am still in the search of a permanent position though.

These lovely blog posts will start returning regularly now that I am learning how to organize all of this free time. I’m not sure what to do with my life with out homework.

Thank you all for coming and reading and hopefully sticking with me! Let’s get this show back on the road!